The biggest happy new year to all my friends and family who are currently all over the world..cousins in America and in laws in Australia. Also to all those who have followed my blog and giving me such great feedback, I never thought my life would be of interest to anyone but me but I’ve been overwhelmed so I can’t thank you enough. 
It’s been a funny old year with lots of highs and not to many lows. My grandmothers health wasn’t great at the start of the year but has improved greatly over the months then we had terrible news in October from our American cousins regarding the most wonderful man Pat being suddenly taken to soon at a young age. A great guy with a wonderful family surrounding him, I could not be more proud to have known him. 

December has finished on a high for us as a family of three when Zanna arrived safely on 21st Dec making three four. Olivia is the most amazing big sister and we are so proud of her.

However you are finishing the year have a good one. Happy New Year for 2017.

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  1. Yes, a year of highs and lows with the death of your cousin Pat yet the birth of another cousin Penny. We wish you all the best from America! We love you Jillian!

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