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And So The Time Is Near…

So we have arrived at the most wonderful time of the year…December to most but in the Henning household this now means Baby time!

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my home whilst maternity leave has commenced and I’m bouncing on a birthing ball, yes you read that correctly  🙂 I would ask you to picture the scene but its all a bit strange I understand!


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Life Lately

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for us as a family with plenty more coming up but what I really want to talk about is as parents have seen so many changes in Olivia in the last maybe 2 months that have knocked us for six.  I genuinely thought we had got away with the “terrible twos” but they have struck with a vengeance that we just were not prepared for!


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Easter 2016

After getting cleared up at work and home to pack up on Thursday evening we were ready to rock n roll to the North Coast on Good Friday. We got up first thing, had some breakfast and on the road for 9am. After about 40 mins into the journey we heard a painful cry from the back seat and when I turned around poor Olivia went bright red and then threw up everywhere! She went white as a sheet then all the colour came back into her cheeks and she was laughing away…ermm..what?!


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Turning Two at the Zoo

After the events of last year celebrating Olivia’s 1st birthday, Chris and I decided to do something fun this year for her so that just the three of us could celebrate on the day. After going back and forth on ideas we eventually decided to go to Dublin overnight and visit Dublin Zoo on her actual birthday. For anyone who lives here in Northern Ireland/Ireland im sure you can appreciate that the weather can be hit or miss at the best of times let alone an outing in March but we thought lets just go for it and keep our fingers crossed. Thanks fully we weren’t disappointed 🙂


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A big step for our little girl

We are so lucky that Olivia only ever used a dummy at nap times and bedtime to sleep; it never left the bedroom and she didn’t rely on it all through the night really just to get her over, especially on those days she decided she didn’t need a nap during the day so when bedtime rolled around she was clinging to life and the dummy helped knock her out within minutes.

While I myself had a dummy as a child I am not that keen on them simply because I believe I have seen them used in the wrong way.


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The best of both world

Picture the scene, December 2014, me standing in my kitchen sobbing my heart out! I had just left Olivia off at her childminders for a settling in period and I had howled the whole way home. So much so in fact that when I realised I had to go to Tesco before I collected her again I panicked as I of course knew this would be the time I would meet everyone I know and they would think I was a lunatic!

The funny thing about this was had you asked me at the 4 maybe 5 month mark of maternity did I want to go back to work I would have yelled” YES” before you had even finished the sentence. At that age babies aren’t up to much and quite frankly I was bored, not every day but days seemed to just roll into one at times. That’s just me.


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Gender Debate

We got a call last night from a dear friend of ours to let us know that he is going to be a Dad.We are over the moon for him and his lovely wife and they will be awesome parents but I had to laugh as when Chris asked him how far along his wife was etc he had a typical male response..”She is looking after the admin and paperwork etc” of course he was joking but isn’t that just typical in most cases 🙂 He then proceeded to tell Chris that they are going to find out the sex of the baby in a couple of weeks so that they can get ‘prepared’. This then sparked the great debate we like to have in the living room of “would you find out or would you keep it a surprise”


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Over for another year

Can you even believe it is January again? Christmas was all rush rush rush then over in a heartbeat. I literally felt like we had just put the tree up and then we were trailing it through the house pine needles everywhere to tip it out in the back garden! The living room is now tidy, empty looking but tidy nonetheless. All except for the Toys R Us section in the corner that Olivia has dominated from Christmas day…thank god for bay windows!!



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Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

How has December been going for you? Pants…thats how mine has been! I started off the first week of December confined to my spare room dying of the flu; not just a bad cold I mean full-blown FLU! I had to take the week off work and just to paint the picture for you….I was even too ill to watch This Morning or Jeremy Kyle…I mean thing.were.bad 🙁