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Creating some space

I trust anyone out there who is a parent can sympathise with me when I say how lovely christmas was and how generous everyone was with your kids but the aftermath of the reality now is we have mountains of toys and nowhere to put them! Every corner I turn there is shape sorters here, Anna and Elsie dolls there and book everywhere! The new year challenge for us is how we can contain all these new toys etc in one place.


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Extending the Home

June 2016 was the month we decided to put an extension on our house. Having a baby on the way just wasnt enough we had to extend our home too 🙂 The plans were drawn up, submitted, planning permission granted and the contractor well…. contracted. Once the foundation were put in I realised the actual size of the room was a lot bigger than I had expected which I was a bit nervous about but now its complete I love it.


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Homemade Pictures

I have had a couple of people email me about the pictures I have up in my bedroom and how did I go about making them. While I wish I could claim they were originally thought of by myself I did see them on both Pinterest and also Instagram but I cannot for the life of me remember which account it was so if you spot this post please let me know…credit where credit is due of course 🙂