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At the beginning of February  we spent a few days in Berlin child free thanks to my wonderful in-laws. It was a special christmas treat for us to get away and it was definitely much-needed. I would love to say it was very relaxing but it was go go go from the start but we didn’t mind as it was great to see the city in all its glory.


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December thus far…

Not sure how everyone is feeling but I certainly was not feeling all that festive…..that is until the snow made an appearance over the weekend. After collecting Olivia from nursery on Friday she insisted that we go into the garden to build our very own ‘Olaf’ which then turned into me having to make four snowmen to represent each member of our family, bless her!


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Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

How has December been going for you? Pants…thats how mine has been! I started off the first week of December confined to my spare room dying of the flu; not just a bad cold I mean full-blown FLU! I had to take the week off work and just to paint the picture for you….I was even too ill to watch This Morning or Jeremy Kyle…I mean thing.were.bad 🙁


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The Finale…

So it’s finally here..good old December. Where have the last 11 months gone?! Like a whirlwind here we are preparing for all the festivities that December brings.

If your December is anything like ours its a month of us waiting in a chaotic queue at Tescos every weekend; why do people panic buy bread and milk? The shop closes for 24 hours it’s hardly a drama! Anyhoo its mad queues everywhere, lots of gift wrapping, decorating then moving the decorations then moving them back (and repeat), festive drinks, roaring fires, bad jokes, christmas movies and lots and lots of chocolate. It’s common practice to have a selection box for breakfast on Christmas morning, infact its frowned upon if you don’t 🙂


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New York City BABY!

I am so very luck to have been to New York several times and I’m in the process of planning another trip, fingers crossed, for next year with my friend. It all sounds great but whether I can leave my darling Olivia for a couple of days is yet to be seem! Being so fortunate I often get asked for some recommendation of what to do, where to go or if ive any tips for the city so I thought I would compile a few that I can then make reference back to for anyone that’s interested.

Lets get started….



Holiday Trivia

The big topic up for debate in our household at the minute is what we should do for our family holiday next year. After a successful holiday in May to Spain with Olivia we were kicking ourselves that we hadn’t been away sooner with her as she was so good and really adapted well to the environment and the heat.

I hardly slept a wink in the days before the holiday. Like any mum I suppose I was going through all the different scenarios in my head of all the things that could go wrong or things we might forget. It was totally stupid looking back but you live and you learn, she had an absolute ball of a time away.

Loving the inflight magazine
Loving the inflight magazine