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December thus far…

Not sure how everyone is feeling but I certainly was not feeling all that festive…..that is until the snow made an appearance over the weekend. After collecting Olivia from nursery on Friday she insisted that we go into the garden to build our very own ‘Olaf’ which then turned into me having to make four snowmen to represent each member of our family, bless her!


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Dangers of Maternity Leave

As the time draws closer to going back to work, you tend to reflect on how your maternity leave has been. Whilst nine months or even a year seems like such a long time, you blink and it is over. Reflection can be a subject that most people shut from their mind or the one they dread, simply because you maybe did not do all the things you set out to do when you thought you had all the time in the world to do it.

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Day trip to Cannes

While staying in Theoule Sur Mer we were just a 15 minute train journey from Cannes. I have always wanted to go and see all the super yachts and the glamorous boutiques so after splashing out a whopping €5 on our 4 train tickets..and that was 1st class of course, it was an early start to catch the train.

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Holidays on the French Riviera

After much deliberation this year we finally decided on the South of France for our holidays. We started looking at different locations last year even before Zanna was born and we knew after last years holiday in Salou we didn’t want to do a package holiday. It just wasn’t for us this year. Maybe in a couple of years it will suit the girls better but at the minute Olivia just loves being outside running around so we knew we wanted a beach location and an apartment close at hand. That is exactly what we got when we booked Theoule Sur Mer.


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April 2017

April has been a pretty busy month for us so I thought I would do a little round up of what we have been up to; that and the fact ive become pretty useless at keeping the momentum of this blog going whilst on maternity turns out it’s not a 9 month holidays after all…just stating what every man thinks but rather quite a handful 🙂


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Sister Sister

When you find out you are pregnant and expecting your second child you do really worry about how the first will take it. I’m guessing which way it swings can depend on both their age and understanding of what is going on along with the personality of the child. When we found out there was another Henning on the way we were pretty confident Olivia would take it well. She’s fiercely independent, moves to the beat of her own drum and couldn’t really care about much else including another baby but nonetheless we included her in everything during the pregnancy just incase though in the hope she would understand the big change that was about to take place.


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And So The Time Is Near…

So we have arrived at the most wonderful time of the year…December to most but in the Henning household this now means Baby time!

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my home whilst maternity leave has commenced and I’m bouncing on a birthing ball, yes you read that correctly  🙂 I would ask you to picture the scene but its all a bit strange I understand!