I’ve spent the last few days enjoying quality time with my family and time off work. While its been the best 4 days boy had I nearly forgot how exhausting it is entertaining a 17 month old all day…I think I get a better break at work!! For 4 days straight ive been spinning around, jumping up and down, singing my heart out to every nursery rhyme ever created (plus actions) and without revealing TMI changing nappies into double figures daily with a teething baby (mums/dads you know what i mean #boke)

In between all this we have had a few adventures out and about. My few days off were timed well as my lovely sister-in-law was home from London visiting so it was great to spend time together and for Olivia to have all that quality Auntie time. We hit our favourite spot Scarva park while the sun was shining on friday.  Auntie ‘Deaf’ as she is known (its Stephanie but thats the best Olivia can manage bless her) received her own personal adventure stick from her darling niece to take back to London. As mentioned in my previous post this is an essential at the park so we had a good laugh when Olivia handed it to her.

We were then fortunate to have the good weather on sunday so we had our second visit to Tannaghmore Gardens. If you are local and havent been it is a must . There is a mini farm area with lots of animals that is totally free. It was really busy but great to see families enjoying the sunshine and lots of excitement on kids faces. We had all those smiles until the donkey went a bit nuts and scared the bejesus out of us by hee-hawing really loudly; that’s not the way Eeyore in the Winnie-the-Pooh books gets on surely!!

Thankfully after the shock of that we got back on track 🙂 Olivia is really into making animal noises at the minute and she is so confident with pointing out the animals on TV or in books but for whatever reason when she sees them in real life her persona changes and she becomes really shy and unsure but best believe she can Moo Moo with the best of them!!


Along with the with animals there is a great play park; infact its one of the better ones ive seen as there is different equipment for different age groups. The firm favorite is the swing of course but there was a slide with steps up to it and a bridge to cross over, all of which suited Olivias abilities. she is at the age were she wants to do everything herself and believes she is actually invincible much to the amusement of us parents. We are continually says to her “you have to remember you are only a little person your time will come” and we almost feel we could be getting an eye roll teenager style back from her…cant wait for those days yikes!


As mentioned above my Sister in law misses out on quite a bit with Olivia simply due to her location as a teacher based in London so anytime we can skype,  share whatsapp photos, Facetime etc it is always a treat. Thankfully during the time she was home she got to witness Olivias first attempt at spinning around in the living room and finishing of the Old MacDonald had a farm song with Ee i ee i oh! While it seems small it was exciting for Stephanie to be there for these little milestones.

We have her photo in Olivia’s room in a frame beside the cot so we talk about her every morning when getting ready for the day. However this has its drawbacks as we now hear “Deaf Deaf” over the baby monitor at 7am on Saturdays/Sundays and Olivia jumps up and down holding onto the edge of the cot pointing at the photo! It’s safe to say she knows her Auntie anyways!

These are my favourite pics of them together over the weekend..


FullSizeRenderOne word…Delicious!! We can’t wait for her next visit home so we can have some more fun :):)

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