Our Little Zanna is one woohoo!! I literally cannot believe it! I know people say all the time how quickly the year has gone but goodness we have just blinked our eyes and its her birthday, how did that even happen??! Our beautiful Winter solstice daughter 🙂

It does just seem like yesterday that I was complaining that this baby was never going to put in an appearance after having to be inducted at +10 days over! Even though I wanted the dramatics of my water breaking in Marks & Spencer to actually see if you do get a free hamper that just wasnt the way she wanted to come. I had a wonderful delivery and her safe arrival just before Christmas was timed well as I wasnt so keen on eating my christmas dinner on the ward 🙂 You can read about her actual Birth Day here if you are interested.

We did get off to a rocky start. Having two was difficult but once we got in the swing of things everything became settled. Right from the start Zanna loved a cuddle. She was a wee cling on and at the time it was exhausting but I wouldn’t change that for the world now. She still absolutely loves being cuddled and smothered in kisses, her face just lights up so until she pushes us away (hopefully never!) we will continue to just bask in this as it’s the best feeling in the world.

Even as the months continue to pass she is the most content and lovable baby ever. She just loves to sit and watch the world go by. She loves singing songs, she loves clapping her hands, waving at everyone but her most favourite thing to do is to play with her big sister. She is obsessed with Olivia and vice versa. Chris and I ask each other all the time how we got so lucky with two little girls who actually adore each other so much.

It is an actual race between the three of us to see who can get into Zanna room first in the morning so we can see that smile which she usually has saved for Olivia. We will take it while the going is good of course between the pair of them!

We are just loving how her little personality is developing as the weeks go by and how she is learning new things daily by herself and from the world around her. Although in saying that we believe she chances her luck as she is yet to crawl or be on the move aside from the odd bum shuffle so she has quickly picked up on the fact that if she just sits there and looks cute we will carry her around from A to B….she is one smart cookie 🙂

She loves to laugh and have a giggle, she loves to be thrown up in the air and bounced about on your knee. She loves to be tickled and loves you to stroke her wee cheeks as she buries her head into your neck for a snuggle. She loves to hear stories and watch vibrant colours on TV. She loves to go on the swing and adores to splash about in the bath with her sister. She loves to kick her legs about and beep your nose.

Zanna you are just a dream come to true to us all, we love you to moon and back (just keep sleeping 12-14 hours at night please 🙂 )

Happy First Birthday Darling Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter and Niece. xx

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  1. Happy First Birthday Zanna! Beautiful words Gillian xx

  2. Sorry Jillian 🙈 xx

    1. haha dont even worry i get it all the time 🙂

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