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The Freelance Life

Hello, anybody there?


Ok well let me explain where I have been and what I have been up to.

My New Venture

I had been exploring starting my own freelance business as a content writer ‘on the side’ of what is my day to day job. I absolutely love to write, especially these blogs since 2015 and this has presented a lot of opportunities to ghost write and create content for other high profile bloggers and business websites.

My career goal is to run a content creation business that helps others keep on top of their content needs – I am now offering a blog for business service and provide graphics as well as social media content to help busy business owners improve their online footprint. My recent blog posts cover the topic of why your business should have a blog and also why content you produce matters

My Why

After being furloughed from my own job back in March 2020 I decided there was no better time than now to launch my freelance venture “Written by Jillian Henning” . I had the time at home and the digital resources readily available to me so now was the time to stop thinking and start ‘doing’. My advice to anyone who is still doubting themselves is to get online because at the minute there are fantastic resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. From free webinars, short courses, and many CEOs offering top level advice on startups. It is the right time to research your business idea and take that creative leap.

My drive has came from a place where there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment with regards to my daily family life and by that I mean I currently do not know what will happen in September when my daughter is set to return to school and if a covid second wave happens. I may have to base my working life around home schooling. I am also concerned about my childcare arrangements as I may face reduced working hours or even redundancy from my current employer due to Coronavirus repercussions. I think it is important to remain positive during this time and I have illustrated that through several blog post of my own on the blog including ‘Mental cleansing idea during quarantine.

My Drive

One thing I am certain of and that is if you don’t seize an opportunity when it presents itself you may well miss that set of circumstances that lead to you a bigger and better goal.  I snatched that opportunity when Covid-19 hit because I was not going to let these last few months be anything but positive for myself, my family and my business vision.

Be sure to head over to my business website and let me know what you think!

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