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Five things I love about Autumn

Autumn could definitely be the top contender for my favourite season and I’ve listed some points below that hopefully a lot of you agree with..

1. When September rolls around I feel like it’s a new beginning. Nearly like the start of the year again and I think September is an easier time to set goals and get things moving in comparison to January. It can be quite a sluggish month after all the hyper of December. Plus, you spend it trying to work your way through Celebrations and Roses. It can be a struggle, but you must push yourself of course (wink wink!) I have really enjoyed setting some targets for myself from September 1st and seen some goals coming together – there is no better feeling than ticking things off that “To Do” list!

2. You can think about starting to light the fire again. This is my number one love of the cold dark nights rolling in again. Just the glow of the fire I absolutely love especially on a Friday night when there is no work in the morning woohoo! Another advantage of Chris working from home is that I can come to the stove lit and the house being all cosy. Nothing better than a roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate…its literally a hug in a mug!

3. Putting away those t-shirts and dresses can be a bit depressing but for someone like myself who is so pale in skin colour the autumn means one thing – NO MORE TAN! Yes I am free to put on those jeans, a big comfy knit jumper and not have to worry about the practically see through skin underneath what a blessing! I also think it’s a lot more fun seeing new Autumn trends emerging and getting your wardrobe sorted for the new season ahead.

4. With having two young children I find you tend to get more into certain holidays and for us this year it will definitely be about Halloween. I suppose it’s quite an American tradition almost to decorate the house and go all out yet our shops here in the UK are absolutely filled with some great decorations and ideas to create that spooky look. I plan to make more of an effort this year especially with school off for the holiday and make the girls know its not a scary time of year but it can also be a lot of fun. I’ve found some great ideas over on Pinterest.

5. Television just gets better come September. All the good TV shows start again like The Great British Bake off, MasterChef, Strictly Come Dancing and my new current favourite Britain’s Got Talent. Finally, something decent to watch on a Saturday night…long gone are the party days so good TV is where it’s at for me! Once these shows start thought it does automatically make me think about the C word of course…CHRISTMAS! Now that a whole other blog post!

Share with me your favourite things about Autumn over on my Instagram page as I’d love to hear what you associate with those Autumn feels.

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