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Crafty Kids

With Olivia at nursery school now we are trying to embrace all things crafty in our house. This is something we never really tried and or thought Olivia would be interested in but as the weeks have rolled on she has made a few things both at nursery and the Girls Brigade so we are jumping on the bandwagon to promote this and have created a ‘junk art’ box consisting of old plastic containers and pots etc.

Olivia is a born thrill seeker and just loves the outdoors. We always joke that she’s like a little dog. We can put her out the back and she can run wild only coming back inside for food. We love that about her, that she is so interested in rolling around the dirt, climbing trees and collecting stones/shells, we embrace it. This however can wear thin at times especially in the rain or on wet days where she is extremely hard to entertain indoors. If we could try to get her into crafty things this could occupy her and more importantly help pass the time when Zanna is napping i.e avoids us watching Frozen…again!

During Olivias few years attending our local Surestart it was great because we could walk through the doors and ransack the beads and feathers, glitter and glue then put our coats on and go home. If im being perfectly honest im not a big fan of a lot of mess but this is something I am working on because let’s be realistic we want our house to be a family home not a show house and that comes part and parcel with trying to get Olivia and Zanna in time to be more creative.

Pinterest is my saviour. I have started to create some pinboards for both Autumn and for Halloween with ideas that are straightforward and easy to do. I’m starting with baby steps and nothing to complicated.

In October we are focusing on the colours brown, orange, red and yellow. This along with  harvest  has encouraged us to go hunting for conkers and collect leaves of different sizes and shapes in order to create autumn pictures. The colder days are also a great chance to get our coats, hats, gloves and our wellies on and venture out crunching through the leaves and its always nice to come home to a warm cosy house with wooden logs buring in the stove.

If you have any crafty ideas please do share them I would love to add to my collection 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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