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Belfast Food Tour

Today Chris and I did the Belfast food tour. We received a gift voucher for the tour as part of our Christmas present from my parents but wanted to wait until we knew the weather would be brighter and also the kids wouldn’t be a nightmare for the babysitters ie the wonderful grandparents 🙂 so the tour did not disappoint and thankfully neither did the children..but grandparents would say that anyway!

I don’t want to spoilt it totally for anyone who hasn’t been on it or is thinking about doing it so I wont go into any detail but what I can tell you is that we had an absolutely brilliant day out and about in the city and the group of 24 of us had brilliant banter and got along fabulously. Just one of the many traits of us from Northern Ireland we can and will talk to just about anyone!

The tour started off at 10.45am at St Georges Market with a tour of some of the local stalls inside. We got to speak to the business vendors and sample plenty of local produces along the way. The market was really busy and nearly every stall had crowds around it which just goes to show the popularity of the market itself which is fantastic to see. Here is a little round up of photos from inside the market ~

After the Market we headed out to the streets of Belfast to visit a few other hidden gems and im sure you can just imagine my excitement when I smelt the beautiful aroma of the chocolatiers ~

Thee most amazing Hot Chocolate ever…its a is ranked 8th in the world 🙂

A few drinks in the Garrick Bar went down a treat especially with the wonderful buttery champ served.

Now I am not a big gin drinker but as it is National World Gin day we had to sample the best local gin in town and after seeing Jawbox Gin everywhere it didn’t disappoint. To add to the special occasion we were lucky enough to meet the man behind the popular gin Gerry White and he was able to provide us with all the information about its origin through to the development of the brand and its marketing. A really special treat and very informative.

After some more food and Belfast Ale we headed to see the most expensive whiskey I have ever seen in the local whisky off license…. sure it was only £11K  to be exact…yikes! I never knew this place existed but it was so interesting inside and an Aladdin’s cave for whiskey lovers.

A strong coffee was required to soak up all the local alcohol consumed before reaching our final destination at 3pm for a lovely taster menu lunch and some bubbles.

All in all a wonderful day spent falling in love with the city and all it has to offer and well worth supporting.


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